The 2013 Hastily Put Together Christmas Card

Sunday — December 22nd, 2013

The 2013 Hastily Put Together Christmas Card

Recent News...

more cartoons… soon-ish

In the meantime, check out my sketch blog that features brand-new wax crayon drawings of monsters…
it’s called wax crayon monsters.

Is this thing on?

Test test…
Been a while… let’s see how this goes.



Wondering whatever happened to strip number 1392 from November 8th, 2008?

Well, it’s been found! And it’s from 1978! That’s before I was born! I don’t understand it either!

But here it is:


Hecch returns just in time for the Holidays!

New Hecch up! Wait, what?! For real? Let me explain…

A few years ago, I had a strip on the interwebs called Hecch. It was based on an idea I had In the early 00′s, and some of the characters in it go even further back to doodles I made when I was nine. Yeah.

I really liked doing it and I had a lot more  more story to tell… but then I got busy with real life (or lack thereof) and I didn’t make more.

I eventually got even busier (notice how even HPT stopped updating daily?),  so every plan to make more Hecch seemed distant. Stuff kept happening. And with that, stuff kept NOT happening.

All throughout this  people kept asking me for more Hecch. Even the voices in my head kept asking me for more Hecch. Point is something kept asking…

So here’s what’s going on: I’m making more… and not only that, I’m also rebooting it. Yup. Rebooting everything. A lot of time has passed, and if I’m making more Hecch I’m going to do this right. In the coming weeks (and months, I’m in this for the long-haul!) you’ll see some familiar stuff, but you’ll also see some changes.  Most of it is being re-written and the entire thing will just look and feel a whole lot better. Trust me.  This is better for both of us. Don’t worry. It’s not you.

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, and I’m glad I have a chance to do so before endtimes hits! I hope…

Thanks for reading, and I looking forward to seeing you each and every week as this Hecch saga re-unfolds!

Two more days…

Exciting things ahead. Stay tuned…

Brand New-Ish Lost HPT Strip Up!

Hey Fans,

Ever wonder what happened to the June 1st strip of 2006?
Well, wonder no more. It’s finally back… and brand new-ish… and redrawn and stuff…

So yeah, back up your files, otherwise it’ll take five years before you finally decide to redraw stuff… or something…
Uh, yeah…

More Lost HPT Strips… soon!

And in other Smiths related news…

File under: Things I could have sworn I mentioned on here already but probably haven’t due to time anomalies or hectic past few months of god knows what.

Yes, this is hella-late, but still merits another non-twitter mention– because let’s face it, my tweets confuse even myself.

HPT got a cool plug at the wonderful Smiths Project site.
I was pretty stoked when I saw Janice dug Moo-rrissey, and even more stoked when it was mentioned underneath her vocal cover of one of fave Smiths tunes!

Check out the amazing work she’s doing with The Smiths Project and the even amazinger (is that a word? well, it is now!) goal of covering every Smiths song by the end of the year!


And yes, Moo-rrissey and Marr-moset will return… one day…

Breaking News!

Breaking News:
There’s currently no new breaking news.

But there is a new cartoon up.
And more to come!




ITEM: HPT is back! But for how long? Tune in tomorrow and find out…

But really, it’s anyone’s guess. Just enjoy them while you can because 2012 is fast approaching (kinda) and I got to re-stock up on vitamin water and pink popcorn.

More ridiculous cartoons heading you way tomorrow!




there was another hiatus.

Yeah, I know… Soon…

Things has been pretty hectic. Been a weird few months. In midst of a move and other stuff.

Things will resume again shortly. I’ll try and have a backlog of the last few weeks soon.

Best bet is sometime next week…

Until then… uh, keep hitting random and pretend you’re reading them for the first time…

Or something…

Once again, really sorry, and thanks for your understanding…